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Insights from our Women


USPTO: Extensions under the CARES Act during COVID-19

Employee benefit changes under the CARES Act: What employers need to know

Federal agencies announce expedited antitrust procedures for COVID-19 public health efforts

CARES Act implications for charitable giving during COVID-19

Electronic signatures and remote online notarizations during COVID-19

CARES Act enacts foreclosure and eviction moratoriums for federally-backed multifamily loan programs

The impact of COVID-19 on MAC clauses and lending transactions: A lender’s perspective

Retirement plan considerations during COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on MAC clauses and lending transactions: A borrower’s perspective

The COVID-19 Crisis: Questions and answers for employee welfare benefit plans

The COVID-19 pandemic: What lenders should know about invoking MAC clauses

A break for multifamily property owners during COVID-19 outbreak

SECURE Act: What employers need to know for retirement plans

How the St. Louis City and County Orders may affect your business

HUD, FHFA and states freeze single-family home foreclosures and evictions due to COVID-19

Business tips during the Coronavirus outbreak

Proposed Section 162(m) regulations: Key provisions employers should know

10 best practices to keep your business healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak

Proposed price transparency rules for health care plans: What employers need to know about required disclosures

CSB’s new accidental release reporting rule expands facilities’ reporting obligations

What should plan administrators do about uncashed retirement plan checks?

What receivers need to know about the Federal Priority Act

23 tips for drafting employment arbitration agreements

What investment advisers should know about the SEC’s proposed advertisement solicitation rule updates

What employers need to know about association retirement plans and efforts to expand access to multiple employer plans

Seven things employers should know about Medicare for All

DOJ curtails use of supplemental environmental projects in environmental settlements

Three key elements of good corporate governance

Tips for conducting a year-end 401(k) plan review

An overview of the Illinois Salary History Ban for employers

What employers need to know about the DOL’s final rule on overtime exemptions

A checklist for drafting Section 457(f) plans for tax-exempt employers

What you need to know about Missouri’s updated discovery rules

Strategies for buy-sell agreements using insurance

Ten things employers should know about individual coverage HRAs

Illinois’s newly enacted ‘Workplace Transparency Act’ responds to the #MeToo movement

Why service level agreements are key for provider longevity and customer satisfaction

Air, rail and marine finance: New or not-so-new things to know

A government contractors’ checklist for building a FAR combating-trafficking compliance plan

Credit for cooperation: What you need to know about the DOJ’s new guidelines for FCA investigations

Common slipups compromising the effectiveness of trusts you have or will create

EPA formalizes approach to avoid federal and state duplication of inspections and enforcement

Adopting a naloxone in the workplace program: What employers need to know

Section 4960 Excise Tax: What tax-exempt employers need to know

What U.S. businesses need to know about new restrictions on Huawei and the ICT supply chain

Aggressive government positions expand liability for non-traders

SEC adopts new procedure for confidential treatment requests and extensions

Remember to update your Form 8-K, Form 10-Q, and Form 10-K cover pages

Seven things employers should know about EBSA investigations

Blog Posts

The Federal Priority Act: How ‘secure’ is a secured creditor if the debtor is subject to a federal claim or investigation?

7 facts employers and employees should know about HIPAA and the opioid crisis

Mergers and acquisitions in higher education: Considering the letter of intent

NY judge serves up spicy ruling: ‘All natural’ claims not preempted by bioengineered food disclosure law

Can almonds lactate? Standards of identity and why the FDA may soon target makers of milk substitutes

DOJ continues to investigate, seek recoveries over compounding pharmacy fraud

Fraudulent organic food imports: How food companies can decrease risks of getting defrauded in 7 steps

The U.S. is one step closer to GMO food labeling

Bank regulators issue guidance on cyber insurance

Getting ready for ED’s new state authorization rule


State and Federal Implementation of Industrial Hemp Laws

Higher Education & Immigration: Five Evolving Areas to Watch

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2020

Financial Risks Common in Employee Benefit Programs

2019 Small Business Government Contracts Regulatory and Administrative Changes and What They Mean for 2020

Merging Institutions of Higher Education: Corporate and Tax Considerations

Colleges Held for Ransom: Responding to a Ransomware Attack

The State of Cannabis in the States: A Federal Overview

Convinced Your Company Can’t Possibly Be Benefiting From or Promoting Human Trafficking? Think Again

Managing Contractors' Combating - Trafficking Compliance

The Big Bang: When the Worlds of Energy Law and Bankruptcy Law Collide

The ABCs of REAs

Intellectual Property Primer for Higher Ed Institutions

The “Key Personnel” Requirement in Government Solicitations

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2019

Mergers and Acquisitions in Higher Education: Key Points of the Letter of Intent

The Dodd Frank Rollback: Easing the Rules for Commercial Real Estate (HVCRE) Lending

Disclosure Requirements for Online and Distance Professional Licensure Programs

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2018

Lender Policies and Procedures for Subpoenas, Summons and Third-Party Demand Requests

PURPA Policies Then and Now: The Latest Developments for Electric Utilities

A Government Contractor's Survival Kit: Understanding Three Challenging Aspects of Procurement

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update

A Tough Act to Follow: How to Comply with the Complex Trade Agreements Act

Statutory Changes, New Regulations, and Compliance Deadlines Under the Food Safety Modernization Act

Life Insurance to Fund Buyouts or Loss of a Key Person

Hot Topics in Welfare Benefits

Seven Things You Should Know About the Missouri Commercial Receivership Act

Overtime Law 2016 – Expanded New Rule: What It Means for You

Government Contracts Update – Stay Informed

Top 5 Employment Policies to Revamp this Year

Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act)

Bankruptcy 101: Bankruptcy Basics

Immigration Issues

IP 101

Workplace Privacy

Government Contracts Update 2014

Government Contracts Update 2013

Sweepstakes - The Essentials: What You Need to Know

TC Rewind: 2012