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Insights from our Women


Growing U.S.-China tensions put companies in a bind

IBA confirms cessation of LIBOR tenors

U.S. government response in China Section 301 Master Answer continues fight

Illinois adds additional restrictions on use of background checks and new EEO requirements

SEC emphasizes ESG by establishing new website and taking public comments on climate disclosure

COVID-19 and employee mental health: What employers can do

Changes to Missouri discovery rules made official by Missouri Supreme Court

Nevada federal judge permits categorical privilege during discovery

New DOL guidance on missing participants: What employers should know

A race between West Texas and Delaware for the patent venue of choice

UAV patent battles wage on

What employers need to know about mandatory COVID-19 vaccines and exceptions

Preliminary IRS guidance regarding traditional and QACA safe harbor 401(k) plans under the Secure Act

The current status of LIBOR replacement and what financial institutions and their customers need to know now

Prejudgment interest may be allowed in personal injury and wrongful death claims

New administration, new priorities: Preparing for the Biden-Harris Administration’s key environmental focus areas

EPA recommends new requirements in NPDES permits to address PFAS in wastewater and stormwater

Chicago raises 'Cloud Tax' in response to $1.2 billion budget gap

SEC updates 10-K and 10-Q disclosure requirements – Regulation S-K Items 101, 103 and 105

What employers should know about lifetime income disclosure requirements for defined contribution plans

COVID-19 and older employees: What employers should know and how they can lessen the impact

For communications with litigation funders, caution remains the best course of action

2020 ‘Waters of the United States’ Rule narrows federal authority and may open opportunity for development

Item 402 Pay Ratio Disclosures: Annual proxy statements filed in 2021 may need a new median employee determination

Diversity-related derivative actions are on the rise, and Corporate America is on edge

What employers should know about DOL’s final fiduciary rule and proposed prohibited transaction exemption for fiduciaries

What employers should know about the DOL final rule for electronic disclosure by retirement plans under ERISA

Are smart contracts smart enough? COVID-19, force majeure, blockchain and oracles

Highlights from the SBA’s further guidance on PPP loan forgiveness

What landlords need to know about Chicago’s ‘Fair Eviction Notice’ ordinance

How employers are changing employee benefits to address the COVID-19 pandemic

As COVID-19 prompts more retail tenant bankruptcies, how should landlords and lenders respond?

What landlords need to know about Chicago’s ‘COVID-19 Eviction Protection’ ordinance

OSHA issues new guidance on face coverings in light of COVID-19

Regulatory Hurdles for Sports Betting in Illinois During COVID-19

How will the landmark Title VII decision in Bostock affect employer liability standards for LGBTQ+ employees?

Coming July 1: What Chicago employers need to know about the new paid sick leave, minimum wage and fair workweek rules

Congress relaxes Paycheck Protection Program rules

‘COVID-19 Adjustment’ may lessen Cook County property taxes in light of pandemic

Are you ready for remote depositions? Adjusting to the new normal of litigation

New relief for cafeteria plans and flexible spending accounts due to COVID-19

Supplemental unemployment benefit plans: A tool for employers responding to the COVID-19 crisis

Your guide to the SBA’s certification requirement for women-owned small business concerns

A good time to consider four essential documents for basic estate planning

From emergency medical products to chicken nuggets: What manufacturers and distributors need to know during COVID-19

How COVID-19 presents estate planning opportunities

Effect of “forgiven” PPP loan on the deductibility of covered expenses

DOJ and CFTC use tough tactics to pursue spoofers

How COVID-19 is likely to strain sports and entertainment partnerships

Supreme Court expands reach of Clean Water Act to cover some discharges to groundwater

Rabbi trusts: Taxation basics and drafting beyond the model language

Supreme Court harmonizes showing necessary for an award of profits, resolving circuit split in Romag Fasteners, Inc. v. Fossil, Inc.

Three tips for Government contractors seeking CARES Act Section 3610 assistance for paying employees or subcontractors

Court grants TRO preventing abrupt termination of essential services during COVID-19

Importing face masks and personal protective equipment during COVID-19

EPA Inspector General sends message to EPA: Communities must have better access to health risk information

Blog Posts

Blog browse: Credit for cooperation: What you need to know about the DOJ’s new guidelines for FCA investigations

Highlights from Missouri Cannabis Business Breakfast

7 tips for creating a meaningful food safety program

Ransomware attacks: What higher education institutions need to know

Possession is not ‘nine tenths of the law’: Impounded vehicles must be returned when a bankruptcy petition is filed

OCR reminds business associates of direct liability for noncompliance with HIPAA Rules

BIPA litigation offers no legislative reprieve to employers – yet

CMS draft guidance on co-location arrangements: What hospitals and health care entities need to know

New law expands kickback liability for laboratories, recovery homes, and clinical treatment facilities

Branding your bud: New U.S. Trademark Office guidelines for cannabis


Returning to Work During COVID-19: Employment and Privacy Law Considerations

Higher Education Transactions: Valuation & Structure

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2021

CMMC and 800-171 in Government Contracting and Higher Education

The Regulatory Outlook for Higher Education

Talking About Your IP Rights

Federal Energy Policy: Impact of the 2020 Election

Election Day Impacts for Cyber and Privacy

Remote Work Issues & Implications

Employee Benefits Update

Protecting the Ever-Increasing Endpoints in Higher Education

FFCRA Update

Analyzing ED’s New Distance Education Rule

Changes to U.S. Export Control Laws

Title IX Module 5: Title IX Determinations

Title IX Module 3: Title IX Investigations & Informal Resolutions

Getting Ready for USED’s New Student Disclosure Requirements

USED’s New Title IX Rule: A Detailed Examination

Better Together? Competition, Price Gouging and Other Antitrust Issues Raised by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The CARES Act for Higher Education: Strategy and Implementation

Law and Order in the Time of COVID-19: Does EPA’s Temporary Enforcement Policy Apply to Me?

State and Federal Implementation of Industrial Hemp Laws

Navigating HR Issues during the COVID-19 Emergency

Higher Education & Immigration: Five Evolving Areas to Watch

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2020

Financial Risks Common in Employee Benefit Programs

2019 Small Business Government Contracts Regulatory and Administrative Changes and What They Mean for 2020

Merging Institutions of Higher Education: Corporate and Tax Considerations

Colleges Held for Ransom: Responding to a Ransomware Attack

The State of Cannabis in the States: A Federal Overview

Convinced Your Company Can’t Possibly Be Benefiting From or Promoting Human Trafficking? Think Again

Managing Contractors' Combating - Trafficking Compliance

The Big Bang: When the Worlds of Energy Law and Bankruptcy Law Collide

The ABCs of REAs

Intellectual Property Primer for Higher Ed Institutions

The “Key Personnel” Requirement in Government Solicitations

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2019

Mergers and Acquisitions in Higher Education: Key Points of the Letter of Intent

The Dodd Frank Rollback: Easing the Rules for Commercial Real Estate (HVCRE) Lending

Disclosure Requirements for Online and Distance Professional Licensure Programs

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2018

Lender Policies and Procedures for Subpoenas, Summons and Third-Party Demand Requests

PURPA Policies Then and Now: The Latest Developments for Electric Utilities

A Government Contractor's Survival Kit: Understanding Three Challenging Aspects of Procurement

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update

A Tough Act to Follow: How to Comply with the Complex Trade Agreements Act

Statutory Changes, New Regulations, and Compliance Deadlines Under the Food Safety Modernization Act

Life Insurance to Fund Buyouts or Loss of a Key Person

Hot Topics in Welfare Benefits

Seven Things You Should Know About the Missouri Commercial Receivership Act

Overtime Law 2016 – Expanded New Rule: What It Means for You

Government Contracts Update – Stay Informed

Top 5 Employment Policies to Revamp this Year

Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act)

Bankruptcy 101: Bankruptcy Basics

Immigration Issues

IP 101

Workplace Privacy

Government Contracts Update 2013

TC Rewind: 2012