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Insights from our Women


California urges Ninth Circuit to set a higher bar for dismissing false advertising claims at the pleadings stage

It’s H-1B cap lottery season time!

Ninth Circuit strikes down California’s ban on mandatory arbitration agreements

Where do BIPA claims stand after the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision on the law’s statute of limitations?

Illinois Supreme Court holds that a five-year statute of limitations will apply to all BIPA Claims

Federal court rules that bank doesn’t have to reimburse fraudulent Zelle transfers

New year, new laws: A potpourri of new employment laws that went into effect in 2023

Employers beware! FTC proposes sweeping rule banning nearly all employee (and independent contractor) non-compete agreements

Trademark Modernization Act: What we learned after one year

International trade policy and compliance reflect holistic shift

SEC adopts new executive clawback requirements for erroneously awarded compensation

Maine’s PFAS product reporting deadline is quickly approaching: Are you ready?

The changing landscape of domestic preferences for federal infrastructure projects under BABA

Missouri’s new marijuana law: What employers need to know

EPA announces proposed rule on HFC allowance allocations for 2024-2028

USPTO official filing receipts erroneously omit foreign filing licenses

Supreme Court to decide limits of attorney client privilege: Why the Ninth Circuit decision spells disaster for the sanctity of legal advice

EEOC releases new “Know Your Rights” job discrimination poster

What is in a name? Eleventh Circuit holds there is no safe harbor for UCC errors in Florida

R&W Insurance and Contingent Risk Insurance tools to help get M&A transactions completed

New SEC pay versus performance rules to increase information reporting regarding executives: What you will need to include in your next proxy statement

A brief primer on PFAS litigation: Trends and future disputes

Do you want your EEO-1 reports made public?

Bankruptcy Code § 363(m) is now up for interpretation at the U.S. Supreme Court

SEC proposes amendments to Rule 14a-8 that would enhance shareholders’ ability to add proposals to proxy statements

Western District of Texas finally spurred to action to address Waco division patent dominance

Recent amendments to Illinois’ Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program provide clarity for investors

U.S. Supreme Court sides with employers over arbitration of PAGA claims

The City of Chicago amends sexual harassment laws, including new training, policy, and notice requirements

Illinois Department of Labor issues first guidance on the state’s Equal Pay Act

SCOTUS holds prejudice is not required for waiver of right to arbitrate

Project owners can effectively combat contractors’ efforts to use the Spearin Doctrine as a sword with strategic planning beforehand

Supreme Court rules for Austin, Texas, upholding off-premise sign regulations

85% of contractors are at risk of making a false certification in the OFCCP Contractor Portal: Does that include you?

USCIS expands premium processing services on certain backlogged immigration cases

SEC proposes SPAC rules to provide additional investor protections

New U.S. trademark and copyright procedures

An introduction to the Adjustable Interest (LIBOR) Act: The federal response to LIBOR replacement

SEC proposes new rules for climate-related disclosure

USCIS updates guidance on employment authorization for certain E and L nonimmigrant spouses

Blog Posts

DOJ’s evolving ‘carrot and stick’ approach to increasing health care fraud corporate compliance

New USAO policy for voluntary self-disclosure in corporate criminal enforcement actions provides greater predictability for health care organizations facing potential fraud or other misconduct

FTC issues fine to GoodRx over information sharing

DOJ withdraws three long-standing antitrust policy statements, leaving health care organizations in limbo

A follow-up summary of the Regulation ZZ final rule

Diagnosing a proposal to eliminate non-competes: Five ways it impacts the health care industry

Kind Bar MDL plaintiffs appeal federal district court smack down

Five considerations for health care providers’ marketing of Medicare Advantage Plans

Amendment 3 has passed in Missouri: What’s next for recreational marijuana in the state?

Title IX update: Important new ED guidance concerning pregnancy


Safeguarding the Data and Your Compliance Program – USED and GLBA

A review of ED’s new third-party servicer guidance and suggestions for public comment

It’s H-1B Cap Season Time

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2023

New Year, New Laws: A look into the employment law landscape for 2023

Countdown to CPRA

DOJ Cyber Fraud Initiative - Cyber Faces the FCA Hammer

Loan Guarantees; Debt in Capital Structure; Ordinary Income on Sale of Business

ED’s Proposed Borrower Defense to Repayment Rule: A Detailed Examination

ED’s New Title IX Rule: A Careful Review and Suggestions for Public Comment

Recent Updates in Illinois Law

Nuts and Bolts of Attorney Client Privilege: What is it, when it applies and when it may be worth waiving

Defending Class Actions

How to End a Business Relationship Without Litigating

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2022

Complying with the Revised FTC Safeguards Rule: Lessons from the New York Experience

The Revised FTC Safeguards Rule - What It Means and Why It Is More Important Than You Might Think

Breaking Developments in Employee Benefits Plans

New OSHA Rules

Recent Developments in Labor & Employment Law

Remote Work Issues

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines in Postsecondary Education

California Privacy: CCPA and Beyond

Postsecondary Institutions: Business Considerations

Returning to Work During COVID-19: Employment and Privacy Law Considerations

Higher Education Transactions: Valuation & Structure

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2021

CMMC and 800-171 in Government Contracting and Higher Education

The Regulatory Outlook for Higher Education

Talking About Your IP Rights

Federal Energy Policy: Impact of the 2020 Election

Election Day Impacts for Cyber and Privacy

Remote Work Issues & Implications

Employee Benefits Update

Protecting the Ever-Increasing Endpoints in Higher Education

FFCRA Update

Analyzing ED’s New Distance Education Rule

Title IX Module 5: Title IX Determinations

Title IX Module 3: Title IX Investigations & Informal Resolutions

Getting Ready for USED’s New Student Disclosure Requirements

USED’s New Title IX Rule: A Detailed Examination

Better Together? Competition, Price Gouging and Other Antitrust Issues Raised by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The CARES Act for Higher Education: Strategy and Implementation

State and Federal Implementation of Industrial Hemp Laws

Navigating HR Issues during the COVID-19 Emergency

Higher Education & Immigration: Five Evolving Areas to Watch

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2020

Financial Risks Common in Employee Benefit Programs

2019 Small Business Government Contracts Regulatory and Administrative Changes and What They Mean for 2020

Merging Institutions of Higher Education: Corporate and Tax Considerations

Colleges Held for Ransom: Responding to a Ransomware Attack

The State of Cannabis in the States: A Federal Overview

Convinced Your Company Can’t Possibly Be Benefiting From or Promoting Human Trafficking? Think Again

Managing Contractors' Combating - Trafficking Compliance

The Big Bang: When the Worlds of Energy Law and Bankruptcy Law Collide

The ABCs of REAs

Intellectual Property Primer for Higher Ed Institutions

The “Key Personnel” Requirement in Government Solicitations

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2019

Mergers and Acquisitions in Higher Education: Key Points of the Letter of Intent

The Dodd Frank Rollback: Easing the Rules for Commercial Real Estate (HVCRE) Lending

Disclosure Requirements for Online and Distance Professional Licensure Programs

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update 2018

Lender Policies and Procedures for Subpoenas, Summons and Third-Party Demand Requests

PURPA Policies Then and Now: The Latest Developments for Electric Utilities

A Government Contractor's Survival Kit: Understanding Three Challenging Aspects of Procurement

Fiduciary Income Tax Refresher and Update

A Tough Act to Follow: How to Comply with the Complex Trade Agreements Act

Life Insurance to Fund Buyouts or Loss of a Key Person

Hot Topics in Welfare Benefits

Seven Things You Should Know About the Missouri Commercial Receivership Act

Overtime Law 2016 – Expanded New Rule: What It Means for You

Government Contracts Update – Stay Informed

Top 5 Employment Policies to Revamp this Year

Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act)

Bankruptcy 101: Bankruptcy Basics

IP 101

Workplace Privacy

Government Contracts Update 2013