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Episode 25: Author and Professor Jeremi Duru and Diversity in Sports

Bob Wallace, Jr. April 19, 2024
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In this conversation between Bob Wallace and Professor Jeremi Duru of American University, they discuss diversity in sports. Professor Duru, an author of several books who teaches several sports law courses as well as civil procedure, sheds light on initiatives like the Rooney Rule and challenges in coaching pipelines, with reflections on recent progress despite ongoing attacks on diversity initiatives.


Episode 24: Sports Journalist Jim Thomas and the 2023 NFL Season

Bob Wallace, Jr. September 7, 2023
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In this conversation between Bob Wallace and retired sports journalist Jim Thomas on "After the Buzzer," they discuss the upcoming NFL season and share their thoughts on teams, players, surprises, and potential disappointments.


Episode 23: Sports Journalist Jim Thomas, Part 2

Bob Wallace, Jr. August 21, 2023
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Dive into the captivating world of NFL history and St. Louis sports through the eyes of a seasoned veteran who witnessed it all. In the latest episode of "After The Buzzer," Bob Wallace sits down with Jim Thomas, retired reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, whose illustrious career spanned nearly five decades of sports journalism. In Part 2, Jim talks about his time covering the St. Louis Rams when they won the 2000 Super Bowl Championship and the St. Louis Blues when they won the Stanley Cup Championship in 2019.


Episode 22: Sports Journalist Jim Thomas, Part 1

Bob Wallace, Jr. August 17, 2023
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Dive into the captivating world of NFL history and St. Louis sports through the eyes of a seasoned veteran who witnessed it all. In the latest episode of "After The Buzzer," join Bob as he delves into the remarkable journey of Jim Thomas, a dedicated reporter who started covering preps and climbed the ladder to eventually become the mainstay of the Post-Dispatch sports department. From local high school matchups to the grandeur of the Mizzou beat, and then onto the grand stage of the NFL and NHL, Jim's unique perspective brings to life the heart and soul of St. Louis sports.


Episode 21: Mori Taheripour on negotiating sports contracts

Bob Wallace, Jr. May 15, 2023
Mori Taheripour

On this Episode of After the Buzzer, Mori Taheripour joins Bob Wallace as his guest. Mori is an internationally recognized negotiation expert, an award-winning faculty member at the Wharton School, a highly sought-after speaker, and the author of Bring Yourself: How to Harness the Power of Connection to Negotiate Fearlessly.  READ MORE

Episode 20: Debbie Spander and Marc Isenberg on NIL Deals

Bob Wallace, Jr. September 26, 2022
Marc Isenberg and Deb Spaeder

On this Episode of After the Buzzer, Debbie Spander and Marc Isenberg join Bob Wallace as his guests. Debbie and Marc are a well-known husband and wife combo in the sports world. Debbie is a successful sports lawyer and agent who recently launched her own agency, Inside Sports Advisors, based in Los Angeles that focuses on representing broadcasters, coaches and athlete personalities for name, image and likeness (NIL) opportunities. READ MORE

Episode 19: David Cornwell on LIV Golf

Bob Wallace, Jr. August 12, 2022
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In this episode, David and Bob discuss David’s latest legal challenge in representing several golfers, including Dustin Johnson, who have joined the LIV Golf tour, a new eight-event golf series taking place across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia that's garnered major press (and controversy) in the golf world due to its financial backing by the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia.  READ MORE

Episode 18: CEO of LEAD1 Association Tom McMillen

Bob Wallace, Jr. March 31, 2022
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Accomplished politician and athlete Tom McMillen joins After the Buzzer host Bob Wallace this week to discuss the role that education plays in athletics. Tom is the President and CEO of LEAD1 Association, an organization comprising 130 of the premier athletic programs representing over eight billion dollars in revenue and represented by their athletic directors.  READ MORE

Episode 17: Part 2: Incoming Missouri Valley Conference Commissioner Jeff Jackson

Bob Wallace, Jr. May 19, 2021
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In the second part of the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) series, Bob Wallace is joined by incoming commissioner Jeff Jackson, who is joining the MVC from the Big 12 conference, where he was executive associate commissioner of men’s basketball and game management. READ MORE

Episode 16: Part 1: Missouri Valley Conference Commissioner Doug Elgin

Bob Wallace, Jr. April 29, 2021
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After the Buzzer host Bob Wallace is joined by Doug Elgin, who has acted as the Commissioner of the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC). Doug recently announced that after 33 years in this role, he would retire in June 2021.  READ MORE

Episode 15: Sean Frazier, Athletic Director at Northern Illinois University

Bob Wallace, Jr. February 24, 2021
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This week, host Bob Wallace is joined by Sean Frazier, Athletic Director at Northern Illinois University. Sean reflects on the current state of diversity in sports, both on the administration and coaching side. READ MORE

Episode 14: Sports agent Leigh Steinberg

Bob Wallace, Jr. February 4, 2021
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Well known sports agent Leigh Steinberg joins After the Buzzer host Bob Wallace this week to discuss how the game has changed since his early days as a sports agent. Leigh, who counts Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as a client, shares some theory behind the game, how he lands new clients in a highly competitive market and news on name, image, likeness (NIL) legislation. READ MORE

Episode 13: Kurt Hunzeker on the XFL BattleHawks

Bob Wallace, Jr. November 4, 2020
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This week on After the Buzzer, host Bob Wallace is joined by Kurt Hunzeker, former Team President of the St. Louis BattleHawks. Kurt, who has spent 20 years in the sports industry, walks Bob through the experience of building the XFL brand in St. Louis, a city that experienced the loss of two football teams previously. READ MORE

Episode 12: Charles Harris and Herman Frazier on collegiate sports during COVID times

Bob Wallace, Jr. August 19, 2020
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This week on After the Buzzer, host Bob Wallace speaks with two individuals with decorated sports industry resumes: Charles Harris, former Olympic athlete and current Executive Vice President at Averett University, and Herman Frazier, Senior Deputy Athletics Director, Chief of Staff, at Syracuse University.  READ MORE

Episode 11: Patrick Rishe of Washington University in St. Louis

Bob Wallace, Jr. February 26, 2020
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This week on After the Buzzer, Bob Wallace goes back to school with Dr. Patrick Rishe, Director of the Sports Business program at Washington University in St. Louis. During this all-encompassing sports league conversation, Bob and Patrick cover traditional professional sports as well as the up and coming professional sports: the newly resurrected XFL and the rapidly growing eSports sphere.  READ MORE

Episode 10: Game on: An introduction to eSports

Thad Blenke Bob Wallace, Jr. January 6, 2020
ATB combo thad bobby

For the last episode of 2019, host Bob Wallace sat down with fellow Thompson Coburn attorney Thad Blenke and Bobby Hacker, a sports media attorney at Law + Sports Media Consulting.  READ MORE

Episode 5: Athlete activism and community engagement

Bob Wallace, Jr. December 5, 2019
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Bob Wallace talks to Jessica Berman of the NHL, PR professional Allison Hawk and Molly Higgins of the Los Angeles Rams about athlete activism and community engagement by pro teams. READ MORE

Episode 9: Fan safety with Phil Melcher of the St. Louis Cardinals

Bob Wallace, Jr. October 21, 2019
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This week on After the Buzzer, host Bob Wallace steps up to bat with the St. Louis Cardinals’ Director of Security, Phil Melcher. The pair discuss the process of keeping fans safe at one of St. Louis’ landmarks, Busch Stadium. READ MORE

Episode 8: Eric Stisser reflects on the St. Louis Blues’ championship season

Bob Wallace, Jr. July 29, 2019
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This week on After the Buzzer, Bob Wallace has a “Gloria”-ous guest: Eric Stisser, Vice President of Corporate Sponsorship of the St. Louis Blues. As St. Louis winds down after winning its first-ever Stanley Cup, we thought it was only right to sit down with Eric to discuss the historic season. READ MORE

Episode 7: The state of sports betting

Bob Wallace, Jr. July 12, 2019
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For the first episode of the summer, After the Buzzer takes on a hot topic – sports betting. This week’s guests provided insight on the current climate of sports betting, noting the tremendous strides that have been made in the last few years which make for a promising future for numerous stakeholders. READ MORE

Episode 6: Addressing sports crises and diversity with David Cornwell

Bob Wallace, Jr. May 14, 2019
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In this episode, Bob Wallace sits down with David Cornwell, president of the sports law firm DNK Cornwell, to dissect the issues facing minority representation both on and off the field in major league sports.  READ MORE

Episode 4: Nona Lee and Vicky Neumeyer

Bob Wallace, Jr. November 9, 2018
Nona Lee and Vicky Neumeyer

On his After the Buzzer podcast, Bob Wallace talks to Nona Lee, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and Vicky Neumeyer, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans. READ MORE

Episode 3: Kenneth Shropshire of the Global Sport Institute

Bob Wallace, Jr. October 16, 2018

On his After the Buzzer podcast, Bob Wallace talks to Kenneth Shropshire, the Adidas Distinguished Professor of Global Sport at Arizona State University and the CEO of the Global Sport Institute. READ MORE

Episode 2: Mike Tannenbaum of the Miami Dolphins

Bob Wallace, Jr. September 17, 2018
Mike Tannenbaum at training camp

Bob Wallace talks to Mike Tannenbaum, Executive Vice President of Football Operations of the Miami Dolphins. READ MORE

Episode 1: Josh Whitman of the University of Illinois

Bob Wallace, Jr. September 10, 2018
Josh Whitman

As we are about to begin the college football season, we could think of no better person to kick off our first episode than Josh Whitman, the Director of Athletics for the University of Illinois. READ MORE